Margaret trained for her National Diploma in Design in Fine Art and Lithography at West Hartlepool College of Art. A teacher training course at Brighton College of Art was followed by a long and highly successful career in classroom and studio. Working with students of all ages she has always encouraged the inspiration, originality and sound traditional design skills that have become the hallmarks of her own creative output.

Her strong sense of draughtsmanship and design is always combined with a sympathetic understanding of graphic techniques and confident use of colour medium. These qualities are evident across all aspects of her work. She presents an imaginative interpretation on familiar subject matter often drawn from her own environment. She has exhibited painting and drawings across the Northern region.

Commissions include large scale decoration for specific locations where the final design interprets the original client brief with a breadth of imagination appropriate to the chosen location and subject matter.

Margaret is adept with more traditional subject matter. She often works directly in the industrial and rural landscape reflecting the light and movement in a confident mixture of boldness and detail. Her portrait work captures the spirit and likeness of the sitter, often in a combination of media and techniques.
She searches continually for new ways to interpret her surroundings. Recent works have included non-figurative designs based on selected close-ups of found materials from her extensive travels in this country and abroad.

A confident and accomplished designer, Margaret has written and illustrated children’s educational workbooks as well as a highly popular and expanding range of commercial print studies for the commercial market.

A quiet friendly manner combined with a strong sense of leadership and organisation has ensured a long and successful partnership with many part-time students taking part in classes and workshops. Margaret has organised and led courses for local authorities and regional groups. Many of these courses have been held at Otterburn Hall Country Hotel where classes in composition, design and painting technique have enabled students to work directly in the beautiful Northumberland countryside. Many of these students have continued to develop their skills by joining Margaret’s holiday courses in the countryside of Croatia.

As Chairman of Hartlepool Art Club and now elected President, Margaret has been instrumental in guiding the direction and depth of the Club’s activities. With over 120 members, the Club is a major focus in the region for interested beginners and more experienced amateur artists and craftsmen.

Margaret has exhibited throughout the North East region and is represented in public and private collections in this country and abroad.